Your Teacher Mentors need help

Observic supports teacher mentors where it’s needed:

• Evidence teacher classroom performance

• Give pinpoint feedback

• Capture and share good practice for both teachers and mentors

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What would it mean 
if you could:

● Add an online capability to mentor teachers to your current systems?

● Use the evidence gathered to share what works well?

● Analyse performance within and across schools to demonstrate the ROI of your professional development programme?

● Monitor and quality assure mentor feedback across your organisation?

● Do this with an attractively priced and customisable platform?

We all know the theory...

The 70:20:10 model (still central to L&D after all these years) highlights that 90% of real learning comes on the job from collaboration and feedback with colleagues, coaches and mentors.

Classroom performance needs to be seen, evidenced and evaluated against training or regulatory standards. All teachers can benefit from reflection, sharing good practice and constructive coaching and mentoring.

Observic makes teacher observation and mentoring more informed and easier to monitor.

With Observic, you can:

● Gain a deeper insight into teacher expertise through video, audio and documentary evidence

● Use for remote or face-to-face classroom observations, generating the evidence to inform fruitful coaching and mentoring

● Build good practice libraries for both teachers and mentors

● Encourage self-reflection and self-study, peer collaboration, line manager overview and action planning. Understand and engage your teams more closely than before.

● Enable collaborative reflection, observation and moderation without face-to-face scheduling or travel costs

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imac screen

● Annotate evidence and pinpoint what is good or needs improvement as if you were there with the teacher.

● Build your own forms/standards (or ask us to) against regulatory or competence frameworks for consistency in application within and across schools

● Generate progress data at department, year group, school and consortium levels

● Demonstrate the impact and return on investment of your CPD programme

● Monitor the feedback given by mentors across your school to ensure consistency, compliance and quality.

● Add your own branding, embed internal competence frameworks and manage your good practice library. This is a performance tool for you.

What our clients say...

 Kim Maouhoub, L&D Specialist

"Quite simply, Observic is the missing link."

Jude Bolton, Founder

"It is great that as coaches we can use this platform to support our training remotely! Thanks John."

Asad Warraich, Director

"This is one great solution with multipurpose features which can be used across diversified sectors."

Alex Murdoch, CEO

"The platform John and his team are building for our new online training venture brings remote skills assessment technologies that will place us in front of our competitors."

Watch how Observic underpins a teacher mentoring project in Cambodia – this video was first shown in the CICME Virtual Conference held in Phnom Penh, Cambodia in 2021

Teacher Mentoring Toolkit

We’ve joined forces with leading e-learning provider EduGrowth to give schools everything they need to set up a teacher mentoring programme – engaging training content, a recognised mentoring qualification and the Observic platform to facilitate and manage the mentoring process.

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